Playing Games?

After a couple of scathing posts about RIM’s disastrous handling of its recent service outage, I’d fully intended to let sleeping dogs lie… until the company’s “customer compensation”  offer brought tears to my eyes.

I’m not sure if these were tears of laughter, with RIM offering a bunch of GAMES like Texas Hold ’em Poker and SIM something, or tears of frustration, with a company that seems to have lost its way.

I’m aware that RIM is trying to focus more on consumers and not just fuddy-duddy business users, as a survival strategy. But games? Is this to enable frustrated users to while away the time during the next service outage? Surely it would have been better to offer a mixture of business and leisure apps.

The “Thank You Gift from BlackBerry” (note: NOT an apology) contains 5 games, 2 music-related apps – and no less than four slightly different text-to-speech applications. Clearly Siri has made her mark. I’m not really fussed about downloading any of them.

According to joint CEO Mike Lazaridis, he plans to “work tirelessly to restore … confidence”. On the basis of this tireless first effort to patch things up, it could be a very long time ‘til he gets a decent night’s sleep.

Simon Jones – OnPR GmbH, Munich

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