Tech tips from… the FBI

Today I’m tipping my hat to those pesky spammers who are once again showing the media the way with regard to social engineering.

All my favorite daily media newsletters come with a top headline de jour, carefully picked out to increase the odds that I’ll open the mail, and then find something tempting enough to click through to the web, where of course their advertisers’ messages will be lurking.

As I write, news about Osama bin Laden is dominating the headlines, and will probably continue to do so for a few days, but so far I’ve yet to see any promise of the pictures the whole world is clamoring to see, for different reasons – of the raid in Pakistan.

Of course, those crafty scammers are all over it already – and aren’t holding back from using the headline that’s most likely to guarantee click-thrus. For a lesson in what’s delivering click-thrus, forget expensive SEO consultancy, just study the headlines in your spam filter.

But what’s this? The FBI issuing a warning about scam emails? Certainly a racier topic than most of their news release output. And they beat the anti-virus companies to the draw.  Tech tips from the FBI. It simply underlines how far we’ve come in our wired world.

Simon Jones, OnPR, GmbH

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